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We organize tours not only in Germany but also in other European countries. If you are interested, curious and want to expand your horizon you are in the right place. Our coaches will take you to other European countries and cities and we will make your journey unforgettable.


Our coaches are available for your exploration of the centre of Holy Roman Empire, home of the ancient Germanic tribes with diversed history. Explore it’s great cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and many others.

Berlin – the city that never sleeps

Hire a coach at Europa Coaches Munich and take your group on a tour to the excited Berlin, the capital of Germany and the third most visited place in Europe. Feel the city vibration and let the culture, architecture and histoy seduce you. Visit Berlin’s Branndenburg Gate and admire Berlin Wall covered with graffiti.


Irresistable Munich is the largest city in the south of Germany and offers numerous attractions. Once a small town enclosed by a wall and later developed beyond it. Your days can quickly pass by visiting numerous museums, cathedrals and the best beer halls in the world.


Because of the river Main and modernized skyscrapers Frankfurt’s nickname is “Main – hattan”. Frankfurt is the heart of central Germany and the financial hub of Germany, home of one of the largest stock exchanges and European Central Bank. Frankfurt’s airport is the third – largest in Europe, with over 56 millions passengers per year. Europa Coaches Munich’s fleet offers a large variety of transportation vehicles. Hire a coach or bus a take a few hour tour to Frankfurt.

Hamburg – German’s gateway to the world

Take a tour to the 800 years old city which port is the third largest in the world. Hire a coach at Europa Coaches Munich and let the Hamburg charm you. Walk through the red light district named the Reeperbahn, full of bars, restaurants and strip clubs. Visit the Hamburg Fish market stocked with fresh seafood and exotic fruits.

Dresden – “Florence at the Elbe”

Take one of our quality buses, vans or coaches and take your group on a tour to Dresden. Its peaceful location on the banks of the Elbe river is a display of rich Baroque architecture, fascinating buildings, impressive museums and other irresistible attractions.


Europa Coaches Munich organize daily tours to Netherlands. Take a bus excursion to Netherlands, also known as the Low country which offers beautiful flower gardens, flat landscape with many national parks and criss-crossed capital city Amsterdam with over 100 km of canals and 1.500 bridges. Take a tour to Amsterdam – a world class cultural center and see more than 7 million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils blooming in Keukenkof – the garden of Europe. Rent a coach at Europa Coaches Munich and enjoy the eight hour drive with one of our latest models of Scania, MAN, Mercedez Benz


Gastronomy, beer culture, chocolate, castels, beautiful gardens, historic battlefields and peaceful abbeys are just a few hours drive away, so hop on the bus and let the journey begin. From Munich to Belgium is less than eight hours drive. Our team at Europa Coaches Munich will gladly arrange a coach, bus or minibus to take you on a tour. Stop in Brussels – home of the European Union, NATO and other International organizations. Visit the funky bars, festivals and great nightlife in Antwerp. Because the city center is closed for cars you can take a tour to historic Bruges and explore the city by foot or boat.


Hire one of our coaches and take a tour to Denmark and its 406 islands and 7314 km of coastline. Europa Coaches Munich will arrange a suitable transfer for your group and we will transfer you there in one of our comfortable and air – conditioned coaches or buses. Discover Denmark’s rich history, explore Viking treasures and let the ancient runestones and castles charm you. Walk on beautiful beaches in the Danish Riviera and visit the happiest place on the world – Aarhus. Enjoy in wonderful Copenhagen, a fantastic cycling city full with sights and attractions.


Ten hours drive with our luxury coaches or buses is not so far to see irresistible and excited Italy. Europa Coaches MUNICH can take you to beautiful Italy, home to world’s famous tourist attractions, where you can find a great number of Unesco World Heritage Site. Italy has a rich and unique culture from many different periods. Don’t just dream about stunning Rome, beautiful Venice and Florence, Europa Coaches Munich can easily take you there with our modern coches.


Hire a coach and visit a country surrounded by mountains, with numerous attractions in vicinity and everything is reachable. Take a five-hour tour and relax on Europa Coaches Munich’s vehicles. There is no worry, we can provide you all kind of transportational vehicles for small or large groups. Europa Coaches Munich will gladly take you on the journey with our fully equipped coaches and buses. Feel the vibration of Europe’s largest waterfall, admire a natural rock arena and discover land of contrasts. Our company offers tours across Switzerland and oppurtunity to explore Bern, Zürich, Interlaken, Luzerne and more.


Our comfortable coaches will safely take you to Croatia, a beautiful country with 4057 km of coastline and 1185 islands. There is only six hours drive with Europa Coaches Munich’s vehicles from Munich to Croatia. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and take a relaxing walk on sandy beaches and swim in clear water. Take a tour to Croatia and its beautiful cities. Dubrovnik – “Pearl of the Adriatic”, a fascinating, historic city surronded with walls, Hvar – island with overwhelmed landscape and beautiful beaches, Plitvice National Park- beautiful natural wonder full of waterfalls and breathtaking lakes.


Located in southern Central Europe, Slovenia is small but diverse. Take an excursion and rent a coach or bus at Europa Coaches Munich’ experts in transportational sector. Fully equipped, comfortable and safe buses can take you on a tour to beautiful mountains, charming cities on the Slovenian coast, beautiful lakes and much more. Between Munich and Slovenia is only 460 km. Our buses will take you there in less than five hours. Because Slovenia is so small everything is reachable in and hour or two. From the mountains to the sea, from cities to the countryside. Let the beautiful cities and places like Ljubljana, Bohinj, Bled, Piran and Soča Valley overwhelme you with unpredictable and irresistible nature.


Visit rich cultural and enviromental heritage, let the historic cities, beautiful countryside, castles and rich culture of food and wine amaze you. The distance between Munich ( Germany ) to France is negligible comparig the overwhelmed attractions you can see. Because of our comfortable and new models of Scania, MAN and Mercedez Benz your journey will be relaxed and safe. Europa Coaches Munich can rent you all kind of transportational vehicles and take you on tour.See the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles and other attractions in France. Take a tour through a wonderful city of Paris, expand your horizon in the cultural city Avignon and try the famous croissant.


Hire a bus at Europa Coaches Munich and take a few hours drive from Germany to Poland. Take a tour to Warsaw which combines elements of East and West. Visit Krakow, the most beautiful and fascinating city in Poland. Europa Coaches Munich can easily arrange a transfer to the most visited attractions in Poland, like Masurian Lakes – a land with over 3.000 lakes, Malbork’s magnificent castle and other. Do not hesitate, call Europa Coaches Munich and we will provide our modern, high – quality coaches and buses at affordable prices.

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